Other optional services/benefits:

Resume Processing
Don't have the time or expertise to get your resumes entered into Networkerspro.com? We have a staff of experienced resume managers who can take care of that for you in a timely and cost effective manner.

Internet Access
When connected to us through our Frame Relay, you can purchase high speed Internet Access from us as well.

E-mail Boxes
For a nominal fee of $5.00 per mailbox per month, we can take care of hosting your e-mail boxes.

PC Support
Would you like to have someone to rely on for PC questions and troubleshooting? Our technical support staff is well equipped to answer your questions. We can put you on a monthly support contract or provide you with hourly-billed PC support.

Hot Site
We can provide you with a back-up site to go to in case of a Networkerspro.com power outage, system failure or other catastrophic event. When you add or update information to Networkerspro.com, your hot-site, which is located in a different facility, is updated within seconds of your entry. This gives you the added security of making sure you have access to your data even in the unlikely event of a system failure at our main site.

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