Company Information was designed and developed over a three-year period with the input of recruiters and owners from 12 offices. With over 15 years of experience in the staffing industry, and countless teleconferences and meetings, we designed this system for the specific needs of recruiters and administrative staff alike. The software is now exclusively offered with services of Networkers Funding.

Major Goals of

Cost Effective
  • We wanted to make cost effective for large and small companies alike. With this in mind, utilizing the cutting edge technology of the Internet was the perfect choice. By building as a web-based product, companies realize the following cost savings.
  • Because we house the servers at our location, you only need a PC and an Internet connection to us. There is no need for you to purchase expensive servers.
  • No purchase of servers, means that you don't need a high-paid consultant or staff member to maintain those servers.
  • Being Internet based, security was an important issue for us.
  • utilizes a state-of-the-art Firewall designed to keep your data safe and secure.
  • Nightly back-ups are done to make sure you don't lose your valuable information in the event of a system failure.
  • Each of our customers is set up with a separate database to assure that other companies cannot access your data.
  • A unique user name and password is required to access your data.
  • An optional hot site is available to insure you have access to your data in the unlikely event of a power outage or other system failure at our main site.
Multiple Office Capabilities
  • was designed for both single and multiple office companies. Integral in its design is the ability to share applicant information among multiple offices. This feature is crucial for companies that have multiple offices within a small geographic region. Administratively it eliminates the need to enter the same applicants in each office, and for recruiting purposes it easily widens the pool of applicants to choose from.
Consistency and Simplicity
  • Although is a very comprehensive and intuitive program, we were careful to keep the look and feel of the system consistent from module to module. This is not a system that will require weeks of intensive training to become proficient in its use.
No-hassle Upgrades
  • Again, the Internet becomes the perfect tool. Because you don't have to house a server in your office, all of the upgrades are automatic for you. We put the upgrade in place, and the next time you log in... it's there.
Integration to the Internet
  • Because was designed to run on the Internet, the integration of e-mail and web sites was easy. Sending a mass e-mail to applicants you found while running a search is as easy as a mouse click.
Low Maintenance for your Office
  • It doesn't matter what your internal network looks like, or whether or not you have staff people who are extremely computer literate. As long as you have PCs running Internet Explorer with a way to connect to us through the Internet... that's all you need to get started.
Easy Access to Technical Support
  • Again the Internet helped us out here as well. We utilize an Instant Messenger for technical support. Our technical support people are logged on to an Instant Messenger to assist you throughout the day. Whether it be a technical problem or a training issue, we can help without even having to dial a phone. Of course, we'll still take your calls, and we have off-hours emergency telephone support as well.
Comprehensive Features:
  • Applicant tracking
  • Comprehensive applicant search and retrieval
  • Applicant hot list
  • Applicant quick entry feature
  • Client and client contact management
  • Job order tracking
  • Submittal / referral generation and tracking
  • Job order automatch
  • Easy generation of standard letters
  • Mass e-mails and mailings from applicant searches
  • Update utility
  • To-do and scheduling

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